Any Possible Workaround for Input?

I am really enjoying being able to use Citra to play Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride to Victory due to Region-Locking.

However, some of the key cards are locked behind Passwords, and as far as I know, they can’t be pulled from the Promo packs you can get. (Such as Dark Metal Chameleon, Shangri-La Star Coral, and the Full Art Stride Fodder Cards)

So, I was wondering if there’s any way, even if it means exiting the program and starting it again, to change what the auto-input of Citra is, just so I can get it to input the passwords it needs.

I found someone’s modification that was used for Harvest Moon, but it crashes on me, probably due to using Japanese characters.

That’s because the software keyboard is unimplemented. It’s hardcoded to always input Citra. If you know how to clone, modify and build from source, you can edit this line of code to whatever to you want (not a recommended workaround), else wait for software keyboard implemention or use your 3DS (you should be able to bypass the region locking with Luma CFW).

Thanks. I was thinking of trying the code editing thing, but not sure how to go about it.
Unfortunately, I’m not fond of soft-modding my only 3DS, or I would’ve done so, instead. I don’t want to risk bricking it or anything. Also, there’s no way I can install Luma, since I only have the one 3DS, and it’s at 11.6.0.

How did you get the games if your 3DS isn’t hacked?

i just wanna shout this out now because we desperately need software keyboard but can you guys do the same thing PPSSPP does with text input? ie use the windows text input thing? wouldnt that achieve the same thing than the software keyboard? please guys add it as a temporary stopgap before the software keyboard is implemented. if you guys can add it on the next nightly please.

Please refrain from necroposting. It keeps the site more orderly. If anything, make a new thread on the General section if you want to make a feature request. Have a good day!

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what would you give back to citra if I added this? its easy to expect other people to do everything for you, but you gotta remember that its a community project that everyone can help with.

i uh,… hmmm… unfortunately all i can do is either test games of compatibility and sorta be a beta tester of an already released game just to add up to the tested games. as far as my skill goes, im afraid nothing substancial but i can at least do some minor “bug analysis” sorta thing. checking out game bugs that crops up and propose a possible solution. but i bet more capable people are already doing it with much much more powerful PCs so there you go. in that vein im really sorry for just asking anyways.