Any potential for a screenshot option?

Title is pretty self-explanatory. I just think it would be nice to have high quality screenshots from the games be easy to take with a tool on the emulator.

While this would not be hard to implement, I wonder: why ?
Windows has a screenshot function built-in, almost every Linux distro does too (afaik, Mac can do this as well without external tools).

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Well, one reason would be that you sometimes want screenshots without the windows UI, or only one of the two screens.

You can alternate between screens already, and you can screenshot only the active window too.

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I too would love to have this feature. This is because I run some games at native resolution but with a stretched window, so there’s some blurriness that I don’t want visible in the screenshots I take (from Windows)… Most, if not all, major emulators have a screenshot feature that saves pictures in the game’s original resolution. In Citra’s case that would be the render resolution (native, 2x or otherwise), completely disregarding the user’s window size/layout.

Example: Native resolution in a non-stretched window vs. in a stretched window (enlarge)

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Moved to general because this is related to Citra.

That’s a good point. I couldn’t find any existing discussions about this on the issue tracker, so I recommend you make a new issue. I believe this has been asked about (With the responses being that it’s mostly an OpenGL-centered task.), but I guess it’s never been properly documented.

I just did here :smiley: