Any tips to speed up citra (without overclocking)

i was wondering if anybody could help me speed up citra

You need to be more specific. What are your specs? What are you trying to run? What performance are you getting? What are your current settings?

First I would try with Canary, see what the latest performance improvements get you.

Second I would look at to see if there are any known performance issues or work arounds.

Finally, it might be that your computer just is not powerful enough to get the performance out of it that you want. A Single Thread Rating of less than 2000 (see: is definitely going to struggle on more demanding titles.

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Intel Pentium e2200
geforce 9300 GE
my computer seems to be running a lot slower. all games even shovel knight cant even get near half speed but just a while ago on the same PC all games were running at 30 fps on native resolution

That computer will never run Citra at playable speeds. Your CPU has a STR of about 800 and your GPU has a G3D Mark of 102.

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it already runs citra at playable speeds if i go at low resolution. i just need the extra 2 or 3 fps

Try this build:

This is what I use and its a lot more faster than the latest build with the gpu renderer (according to my testing anyway).

Update me if anything happens :+1:.


You are not going to get playable speeds (defined as roughly 100% speed, give or take) on most games. There might be a game or two that actually works, but the vast majority of them are going to be far out of reach. To put it in perspective my GPU is 15x better than yours (G3D of ~1500) and my CPU is 3x better (STR of ~2300), and I struggle to get 100% speed in quite a few games. With a very low resolution, and some pretty severe frame-skip, you might be able to “play” some games, but not very well.

What games are you running that are playable, and what speeds do you consider playable? Keep in mind that performance in one game is not indicative of performance in another.

thanks leto atreides

i tried canary 435 build and Pokemon sun went from 10 to 25 fps but what is causing it to be this much slower?
and also pt turns off after a few seconds

Check the page for that game:

i mean on all games when using that old 435 build. thx for the fast reply

There could be many reasons. A newer more accurate version (that actually emulates everything its supposed to) might require more CPU than the older version that only does rough approximations. There might be more reliance of the GPU now and your GPU isn’t powerful enough to handle it. There might be new features used that are not implemented in hardware on your driver so it drops to software whenever that feature is used.

Some of these might be features you can turn off or switch back to what they were previously. Compare each versions settings and you might find the culprit.

For me, my GPU isn’t the problem and my CPU is at level 2000. However, on Pokemon X, I get 10-15 fps on Canary (which is playable for me), but I’d like to get it to 30fps (100%). Is this possible?

never mind. fixed by audio type change

i have a gtx 1050 intel core i5 8th gen but still only get 15fps on pokemon moon plz help

If you are stuck at 50%/100% speed and you are on a laptop with Nvidia GPU then most likely you need to turn off Battery Boost in GeForce Experience.