Any update on savestate/loadstate feature?

Just wandering if there is any update on the save/load feature like ‘SHIFT + F1’ and something like that.
btw thanks for your efforts everyone!

As far as I know, no.
And I’m not a developer of Citra, I’m just a fan of it and its potential, but thanks anyways.

I’m also their fan and seriously everything they are doing is just awesome.
Playing 3DS games on PC is like a dream come true.

Just waiting for this savestate/loadstate feature to play my favorite games.

There is no one working on this right now. Savestates would not even work as intended in the current state of the code, so I would not expect this anytime soon.

I guess I will just have to wait for a year or two.
In the meantime I can also save some money to build my PC.

People want this, but it’s a humongeous amount of work, and there’s no one really working on it right now, so don’t expect it soon.