Any versions for Android x86 (x86_64)?

I am using a x86_64 device and not running windows because it doesn’t work well, i am running BlissOS (Android “distro” or whatever for x86) and can’t find a build/version of Citra that works with my device. Anyone know if there is?

The closest thing i can maybe run is the build for linux x64, but it doesn’t seem i can install it. Maybe i just need to install linux instead.

Neither Citra, nor yuzu supports 32-bit operating systems. 64-bit operating systems are supported, but both have more than just that for the requirements, like OpenGL 4.3 for Citra, and OpenGL 4.6 for yuzu, ect.
Refer to the FAQ page for both projects to figure out whether your system meets the system requirements.

Thanks for the reply, and yes my system is 64 bit, (it says x86_64 but i should have said it was x64) and no i don’t have to use this Android x86 thing because windows now runs just fine, oh and i have an nvidia gpu too, it supports opengl 4.6. And i am running 100% emulation speed (albeit reduced emulated cpu speed or whatever)