Any video tutorial on how to dump systel file?

I have problem playing devil survivor 2

I read this link but have no idea what to do… Is there any video guide how how to do all of this???

Video guides are meaningless (especially when doing homebrew stuff), since they get outdated really quickly and may even cause problems.

If you don’t understand this guide because you’re not a native English speaker, translate this guide in Google Translate.

There are no tutorial videos for it. The process is actually so simple. If you don’t know English, then translate the guide. If still you can’t understand… then I don’t know what to do.

Great, so basically:

  • “hurr durr this 3rd world mexican fuck probably can’t even speak english even though he never mentioned it” instead of actually trying to help.
  • It’s easy for me so obviously nobody should ever have any trouble with it
    What a bunch of lazy faggots, I’m done here.
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Yep. You are.

You would have been more than welcome to join the Discord channel and try to get some support live instead of badmouthing the people that are trying to help.

We’re always welcome to constructive criticism on how we can improve our guides.

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