Any way to improve Alpha Sapphire fps?

Hi. So i am currently trying to run Pokemon: Alpha Sapphire on my PC. I’m using the latest Citra version and in the beginning it runs at 30 fps for the most part. In battles or normally walking around it’s 30 pretty much all the time. If i enter a building or go to the zone after the first gym however, my fps drop to ~15. Even worse are horde-battles, where it dips to about 10 fps.

Is there anyway to allow Citra to use my computer’s resources? I even set the task priority to “high” via task manager and my PC is in high performance mode. I know an i5 with 3.2 Ghz is not exactly high end, but i can run Shadow of War on it without hickups and Evil Within 2, so it’s not exactly a potato either.

It is SO frustrating, especially since i thought i finally got it to run properly, only to be greated with 50% speed after 3 hours of playing.

Is there anything i can do except for building a high-end machine?

I’ve read that Citra only uses a single core, is there any chance, that it will be using…well, multiple any time soon?

P.S. I want to make clear, that i have a lot of respect and gratitude (even though not to the cash) for the Citra creators. I am not here to scream “FASTER!!!”. All i want is to know whether there will be an improvement in 1-2 months, or whether i just have to grit my teeth and crawl through the low-fps areas to get to my Suicune. I saw very often “IT IS DONE, WHEN IT’S DONE, !”§$§$"%§$%"§$%!!!", which i would love to avoid.

That’s normal, when more stuff is being rendered, performance take a hit (this happens even on the real hardware).

No, there is nothing you can do but wait for optimizations.

Better to not have great expectations about an emulator that is still very early in development.


Yes, but only when someone works on it. There is no date

I’m sorry, but will be done when it’s done.

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Aight, thanks for the reply. Turning off the sound in low-fps areas improves the experience greatly. Sure, it still doesn’t run smooth, but the most annoying part was the laggy sound.