Any way to play multiplayer of MHXX up to now?

Or can I achieve that on MH4U? So eager to know…
And btw the official version of citra cant even run MHXX smoothly, but I get a better version somewhere else.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate multiplayer works, but only 2 players can play, since the 3rd and 4th player disconnect.

MHXX multiplayer is not supported as of right now.

You might see a big speed increase if you use Citra Canary (which is the only official build that has multiplayer support too)

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Do you think multiplayer for MHXX gonna be opened soon?
I tried the canary, it has only 15 fps for MH.
The one I am using is the “Citra_GCC7.2_Qt5.10.0_Skylake_sandbox_20171214” that I get from another forum, it has around 30.

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We don’t support unofficial builds.

try disabling the 3d feature in the game

This was already answered up above.