Any way to request a refund?

I have been talking on the Yuzu Early access discord and how it kept giving me errors and wouldn’t install. (I have disabled all antiviruses, checked all my files, deleted and re-installed everything to no avail). My question is, can I get a refund? I just had a terrible experience with this version compared to the free one (which works great, by no means am I hating on yuzu). I guess the free version is not for me. I requested a refund through messages on patreon but i’m not sure if that is the right way to go about it.

All help is appreciated, thanks!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

You will have to handle that with Patreon, they are in charge of that.
Why couldn’t you install it? It should work.

Try this, make sure that there is no yuzu folder in %localappdata% and then download the latest installer. Keep any antivirus besides Windows Defender disabled.

I have no antivirus software and i’ve tried those solutions, unfortunately none of that works.
But thanks.

I can be obstinate enough to keep trying, I you want. Your call.

Another way is to clean install Windows.

Yea i’m not too sure what’s going on with it, i’ve been trying all day.

Is this real or a joke? Lol
If thats serious then dang…

I am not joking, it will take some time, but is better to see if it will work.
When was the last time you did clean install Windows.
I do it every new Windows 10 update, next is 2004 in few weeks clean install.
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Sure i’ll try it, I reset it about a week ago but I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.

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Reset is not like clean install, I am not using Windows 10 reset and I install the latest Windows 10.

Ok everyone:

I got my Yuzu early access working, but now when I try to launch it, it gives me this error: this application failed to start because no qt platform plugin windows yuzu
Does anyone possibly know what this means? I only have Windows Defender active, no other antivirus softwares.

That usually happens when you try to update yuzu while it was still open, follow the instructions here: