Any way to view the game manual for a 3DS game? (As in, the manual you'd access on a normal 3DS's home screen.)

(Side point: the FAQ page,, seems to be dead. Not sure why but just a heads up.)

Normally on the 3DS, you can access a game manual on the 3DS Home Screen (not within the game). I’d like to know, is there anyway this can be accessed on Citra? A way you can make the game manual viewable?


Where did you get this specific link? It has an extra (s) after wiki that shouldn’t be there. Get rid of that and the link works as intented: FAQ - Citra.

Not that I’m aware of. You should be able to extract it if it’s part of the game itself and not part of downloaded content, but there’s no way to display it within Citra currently.