Anyway to deactivate only speech not music/sfx?


the title says it all. I want to play Bravely Default without the voices since I’m not English speaking and it irritates me.

Thanks in advance!

Bye The_Unknown

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The only way I can think of is to create a rom hack that would replace all the voice files with silence and also match the length, there would be a lot of editing.
Forgot there is a voice volume setting in the game.

The game has Japanese voices if you prefer that instead.


Ah I see. I thought maybe in the nintendo 3ds firmware’s internal logic the sound files are somehow distinguished into music, sound effects and voice as it’s the case in most modern console operating systems or on the pc. If that’s the case, it would be feasible to add a method for muting the voice files (or setting the volume for each of the audio types separately to make a more general apprpach).

This way the files would be played (but with a different volume so we didn’t have the time sync problems.

But if there’s no such distinguishing, we have no chance :frowning:

Maybe I should post that in the GitHub issues?

Oh wait, there is voice volume :stuck_out_tongue: it pays to check the options more closely.


Oh my god!! Why on earth is the config menu a sub menu of tactics???

Thanks for pointing me into the right direction! :slight_smile: