"App Not Installed" (I know, I'm 32-bit, but just read it)

So, I was trying to install citra, like a pretty dumb, and I couldn’t install, so I realized that I need to be 64-bit.
I know, that’s was stupid hahaha
But, that isn’t my problem, actually, I don’t really have one, I just wanna know, if possible, when it will get support to 32-bit?

Pretty much never, much like you don’t see 16-bit support anymore. 32-bit is limited to 4GB RAM on Windows and we use far more than that nowadays and all CPUs made in the last ~15 years or so have support for 64-bit, you just need to install 64-bit OS.

If you are on Windows 10 32-bit you can download the Media Creation Tool and make a bootable flash drive with it so you can install 64-bit Windows 10. Do note that everything needs to be wiped on the drive in order to do so, so make backups of your files before you do it.

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Wow. So, I forgot mention I’m on Android but, now I guess that I could install a custom rom. Unfortunately, my device it’s new and there aren’t any custom or developer think about.

Anyway, thanks for answering, and I hope you to keep doing this amazing work. Have a nice day!