Are long loading times normal?

My specs are
Intel Iris Xe integrated GPU with like no VRAM
Intel i5 Tiger Lake CPU
Shader loading takes a very long time (around five minutes or so for 8k shaders for Smash) for all games. Is this something that can’t be helped and I just have to get a better laptop for?

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

I can’t comment on this but:

Save your money, your laptop is not obsolete. It’s better to invest in a gaming desktop PC + monitor if you can afford one and use your current laptop for school/work etc. (doesn’t make sense to have two laptops where one is “slightly” better imo).

Nah I meant I’m going to upgrade in a couple of months anyway, this laptop is absolutely not fit for gaming and I’ve been stuck with it for a year due to certain circumstances… and I’d rather not get a pc, I prefer laptops, but thank you for your concern man

Also is it that you can’t comment on it since you’re only Citra support?

Shader loading time can be dictated by the cpu. You will certainly benefit from nicer hardware in future.

Nah it is simply I haven’t used Yuzu with a vast variety of games, pretty much only play Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate (MHGU) on it; also not keeping up with what users report and knowing the answers.

Oh alright. Thanks anyway for your input though

While my GPU is pretty bad my CPU is pretty decent I thought. 11th gen Intel i5 with around 2.7 GHz. Is it natural that it still takes so long? Or is it something to do with bottlenecking maybe?

Like I mentioned its based off the cpu’s capability. Laptop equiv of cpu isn’t always as strong as desktop. Whether or not it is plugged in can also greatly affect most ‘gaming’ laptops.

I say this politely and I apologize in advance for intruding.

You’re kidding yourself with laptops.

  1. They cost more for weaker parts
  2. If they break, you’re screwed because most can’t be taken apart properly without sending them in and of which case you lose all your files.
  3. They aren’t used portably the vast majority of the time and the unplugged battery life is abysmal.
  4. You have no path to upgrade, so every new laptop is a much larger bill than a PC.

All in all they are a scam. Think of planned obsolescence with phones. Laptops are the same scam.
If you want a mobile PC you buy a tablet and attach a keyboard.

Laptops outside of rare instances are way to bleed people of $. As they have no advantages dollar for dollar.