Are There Plans to Support Encrypted 3DS ROMS in the Future?

I have seen talks about it on the issue tracker, but it seems like there isn’t any interest currently.

Is anyone currently working on it?

Nah, no one is really interested. If you can get the 3DS encryption keys that would be required for such a feature legally, then you can get decrypted games legally anyway.

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That sucks.

I know this sounds silly, but I am kind-of a perfectionist when it comes to game dumps. I want to have my backups be a 1:1 copies of the original, if possible (The idea is that if I have an unmodded 3DS, I should, in theory, be able to run the dumped game on it if I had the right hardware).

Regardless, thank you for replying. I will probably (reluctantly) decrypt my games and try out Citra in the future.

It’s on the roadmap in terms of features that will eventually be supported, but we don’t have a timeline.

The idea that the user can just copy over their 3DS sdcard and it “work” is something I’d like to see eventually happen.
This probably won’t be possible until later on in Citra’s lifecycle.

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