Artificial intelligence API of yuzubot/citrabot?

Hello team. When I was in yuzu’s discord, I talked partially to yuzu bot. The devs told that was AI bot, and I’m pretty much impressed. I am making anew ai bot, it uses the alexa-bot-api. it knows some hai hello how are you good etc. etc. Does these bot uses the (dialogflow api) to chat?
Thank you .
Hoping someone will reply.
And sorry if it is nonsense.

Whoever said so was having a bit of fun at your expense. The bot is command driven. So it responds to predetermined bot commands with it’s own corresponding responses/funtions.

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hdkr was too command driven?


Edit: I didn’t tell anything to someone show fun at me. Some other told some insults to the bot and the bot replied, and someone told it is AI. @SleepingSnake

It’s possible for moderators to have the bot say things when using a command in front of their sentence. Like I said, someone was having a bit of fun. The bot is not automated. Probably to prevent abuse.


You said the bot says things. Let it be “.” or “hdkr”. So you said it is not AI, it is done by logdna winson? [How do bot say random things without ai and without a command]


If you’re really curious about how the bot works, it’s open source. You can literally look up exactly what it does and how it does it:
Or like Eloeri said: The bot isn’t an AI.

Hdkr is a developer (real person). They use IRC for talking. Our IRC channel is bridged to discord channel via a internal bridge bot.

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Oh okay. Thanks. Closed the topic.