Backup 3DS save but need to restore for use with Citra

Using the 3DS “Save-Data Backup” in Data Management on the 3DS system, I backed up my Bravely Default save. I then proceeded to copy the save using the MicroSD Management of the 3DS system where It connects to the PC. The only problem is the save file needs to be restored for use in Citra. The file is 00000001.sav Is there a utility for Windows that will restore the save file as the 3DS would using the “Save-Data-Backup Management”? My 3DS isn’t hacked and the way mentioned is the only way I can get my save. What is a utility that would extract the 00000001.sav for me on Windows?

What’s the best 3DS flashcart that will allow me to use homebrew on my new Nintendo 3DS system? There are so many choices out there and I just want the best choice. My firmware is ver. 11.6.0-39U. I just mainly want to backup my game save to use on Citra, please help.

i think that it would be better if you create another topic under General category as that is not
directly related to citra support and you would gain better visibility.

You’ll want to ask the Nintendo Homebrew discord or the r/3dshacks megathread on Reddit for help with that