Bayonetta 2 closes with the latest Yuzu builds (vulkan)

I have a problem with Bayonetta 2, the game does not even start with Vulkan, when I open it and load the initial screen the FPS says 60 but the black screen and little by little they go down until reaching 0 without showing anything on the screen and the emulator is It closes, but with OpenGL the game does open, the problem is that Vulkan always gives me better performance and I cannot run it with Vulkan, in an older build of Yuzu (which does not have the rescaling options) the game if I start with Yuzu, is it a problem with the new versions or is it something from my PC?

It also happens to me that in Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu when capturing any pokemon the black screen happens exactly the same, FPS drops to 0 and closes, but with OpenGL it does not happen, only with Vulkan it fails

yuzu_log.txt (67.3 KB)

yuzu_log.txt (308.5 KB)

Lets Go Pikachu Log

The GT 710 doesn’t has the best Vulkan support, I recommend sticking to OpenGL in your case.

but why if it works in a previous build and not in the most current one?

I have completed Metroid Dread and Zelda Link Awakening 100% smoothly with vulkan

Changes for increased compatibility will leave behind GPU architectures older than what the Switch has.