Been a while since any updates

is there a new version of citra I need to download or something? its been a while since any updates.

what is your current version and to check press help then check for updates…

my version is 1632, is that supposed to be correct?

it is 1797 for canary and 1584 for nightly… update it…

i hear its better use canary, is that no longer true?

why??? what is the matter???

it supposedly has better comparability. don’t know if thats true or not.

canary will have new features which are to be tested not better comparability…

how do i update nightly? the ‘check for update’ doesnt do anything. it says no updates found.

my nightly is at 1460

you will get both in citra setup wizard…

just have to check both to update both…

where is citra setup wizard? sorry for askn, noob here.

when you will click check for updates… it will open it

click yes to proceed

it just says no updates found and theres an ‘ok’ button to click.

then try in nightly the same…

i think you are in canary

no it says citra nightly 1460

ummm open citra nightly and then there press help and check for updates