Benchmarking Citra-emu

I want to see how well my various systems perform in Citra.
Is there a benchmarking homebrew app like there is for the Wii emulator Dolphin-emu ([Unofficial] New Dolphin 5.0 CPU benchmark - results automatically updated! (, the benchmark app link is under the heading “Other platforms + Windows geeks that know what they’re doing”)?
If there isn’t a benchmark app, then what are some demanding titles that I can procure to test my performance (to be clear, I’m NOT asking for any links, I’m just asking what games to get and dump for this purpose)?

Well some games are demanding for “no reason” (though some of them can be ““fixed”” by underclocking Citra) such as New Art Academy :stuck_out_tongue:

Others need cheat codes to perform well like Monster Hunter 3 and 4 Ultimate (change 3U’s internal fps cap of 3000 to something more reasonable like 60 or 30), 4U needs the 3D effect turned off through a code. Monster Hunter Stories is also slow unless you add codes to change the internal fps cap from 200 to 60 (or 30) and to turn off the 3D effect, similar to 4U.

Mario Tennis Open is also very slow. Luigi’s Mansion 2 too, it helps if you underclock Citra but it is still demanding.