Best build CPU GPU for pokemon UltraSun UltraMoon

I have to change my PCs and I have already done 2 builds, one made with a ryzen 1700 and another with an i7 7700k (gpu GTX 1060 6gb or 1070 6gb)
since I’m considering all the games I’m going to do
I wanted to ask if they are both CPU good for ultrasun and ultramoon over the FPS
I wanted to ask if they are both good for ultrasun and ultramun best FPS as I wanted to also record these games for youtube so i need sliding or not

sorry for my english but i used a google translate

The games are not even out yet, how would anyone know?

should be because there only 3ds games and sun and moon should be able play at full speed on those cpus

ULTRASun and ULTRAMoon, different games. You shouldn’t speculate about a game that we don’t know nothing about yet.

I thought ultrasun and ultramoon were like sun and moon …
at this point I wonder if these 2 cpu (1700 and 7700k) can make me sun and moon fluid and perfect or not

but there just 3ds games i mean its way underpowered

they might be close to sun and moon and they might run as good but they also might not be, performance is not the only concern , the game might get stuck somewhere with no work around it might not even boot up at all, there is also the matter if the game will contain some anti emulation code and it is possible since nintendo very much hates emulators. long story short is no one can give you an answer until the game is released and someone played it from start to finish on citra, if you want to record it for youtube then stick to your 3ds console.

ok thanks i understood for ultrasun and ultramoon,

returning to normal sun and moon, both of these cpus allow the maximum FPS of these 2 games ??? single core better is i7, but the 1700 ryzen is okay or will i have fps problems?

i never looked at ryzen benchmark for emulators (citra specifically ) but i guess they should do a fine job, use the cpu with best single core performance (the i7 one i assume)

also you will have issues in outer door areas since too many objects to draw, this will happen regardless of the cpu you have

Eh this is my current problem …
at home I go to 60 fps but on routes the 22/25 fps is the top …
using the i7 7700k or ryzen 1700 will not change anything???

well you could use hex editor and use the no lines patch(it give a nice speedd boost) just look it up on google

but it needs a powerful cpu or is good any hardware?

may possibly improve slightly but i highly doubt it, when it comes to too much objects to draw then there is a strong impact no matter how much power your system have.

but sorry, how do the big youtubers record pokemon sun and moon running on the pc with no problems?

most youtubers just simply speed up the footage

and most youtubers use a 3ds capture card to record most gameplay.

As @lg_0 said, the games are not even out yet, so we wouldn’t know how it performs quite yet.

Citra is still in it’s early days and most games don’t run at full speed even on the best computers.

The best CPU of course would be the i7-7700K, just because of the massive improvement over Ryzen’s single-core performance. (Make sure you’re not buying a CPU just for Citra alone!)

I sure do not buy a cpu just for citra but i wanted to understand what was best for him as i’m doing for the rest i will go to use.
Ok so thanks for pokemon UsUm I will see in the future, but at present 7700k is the best cpu for citra.

i dont know all what i know is that these 2 cpus are good and powerful they are from the best cpus i think not sure tho

Wait, so Citra doesn’t make use of multi-core computers? Citra benefits more from Single?