Best build for Metroid Samus Returns?


Back in September there was an custom build for Metroid, which allowed upscaling and helped with the speed a bit. I think they had called it Coalmine.

Are those features now in the official build? Or is that still the best way to play that game?

No, it hasn’t been merged yet, but a dev is working on getting it merged and good progress has been made. I can’t say a ETA, but I think it’s going to be in Canary soon.

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Thank you very much! Look forward to that :slight_smile:

Do you know if the official builds have been increasing the performance of this game since then?

@Alex_M Every official build has varying speeds and compatibility, like Sm4sh is running slow or fast in any build, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf only works on specific builds that have the fix. Don’t talk about Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I’m playing it on a much older build.