Best place to get 3ds games

whats the best place to find 3ds games that work well?

From places that you have to buy the games. Note that ROM downloading is not supported and prohibited.

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roms and emulators is what this site is about

no this website is about the emulator only, if you want roms then you must own a 3ds then dump the game. we do not encourage piracy

its not piracy if its legal

Downloading games off the internet is 100% illegal, and therefore, piracy.

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The emulator itself is legal; downloading the games off the Internet is not.

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not as long as you work within the rules and where you live its not its 100% legal

Well, regardless of where you live and such, here, ROM downloading is illegal, and not only will you not get support, you will be banned.

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Even if it is legal where you are (and most likely it’s not, even if your friends claim it is or it is “tolerated”), we still have strict rules about this in our community guidelines: .

So in general, no matter where you are, if you are using this forum, we consider downloading games (other than the eshop) illegal.

//Edit: Meh, didn’t see @ThunderVolt post saying the exact same thing. Sorry.

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread because it’s not going anywhere. We will never support or endorse piracy, regardless of your local laws.