Best way to play OOT3D?

Hey, I just started using Citra, and I’ve played through a small chunk of Oot 3D (The reason why I installed Citra in the first place) and I am wondering, what is your prefered way of playing this game on emulator in regards to how you view the screen, controls and what not?
Currently I just play it with a gamecube controller, with the secondary screen being small and the borders being black. I’m having a few issues though, like audio sounding a bit bad and the walking being clunky (no slow walking and rapidly turning around)

Configure the ‘Circle Pad’ using the ‘Set Analog Stick’ option.

When I do that it doesn’t work properly sadly, it works fine walking forwards, but when walking to the sides or backwards Link walks very slowly, making it impossible to navigate Castle town without taking ages. No idea why this is happening.

try configuring the deadzones, make them equal.

Deadzones? I’m sorry, but what are the deadzones? How do I configure them?

what method are you using to connect your gamepad? do you use any software? can you configure your gamepad options?

I’m using a normal gamecube controller with the nintendo Wii-u gamecube controller adapter, using the “Wii U USB GCN adapter” driver

Did you configure it like this. do you have this installed? if so try following that guide.
did you follow another guide? if so, share it here.

edit: whatever software you’ve used to install your drivers, check if it came with a configuration app, it may be possible to adjust your gamepad deadzones from there.

It’s the exact same driver as you linked that I’ve used. I did the exact same thing as described in the thread you linked except putting it into compatibility mode for windows 7, as I am using windows 10.

Check out the section Using the Application and Calibration for when your controller works but there are deadzones or incorrect mappings, open that tool and tweak your deadzones.

I’ve had a go at this for a while now, tweaking the deadzones did nothing, no matter how I tweaked it, after setting the controls with the “Set analog stick” in Citra controller configuration, Link will still walk just as slowly no matter how I adjust the deadzones.

I changed the Y/X axis to anything between 1 and 99, and no different result regarding walking speed.

Open the control panel, find devices and printers and click on ‘Set up USB game controllers’, click on properties, settings, calibrate and check if your X/Y axis on your left analog stick are going all the way up and down.

these steps may be a little different on windows 10.