Better fps for Ultra sun

i have been using Citra Nightly to play pokemon Sun and it works great at 30 fps. However, when i switch to Ultra Sun the game is always at 22-25 fps. I mean, when i was in a particular area it rise back to 30fps but most of the time it always go to 22-25fps. Is there anyway i can improve my fps to 30 all the time in Ultra Sun
-CPU: i5-7500
-GPU:GTX 1050 Ti
-Citra version (from title bar):HEAD-3c03da1
-game:pokemon sun
-operating system: Windows 10

use canary builds, they are faster

Bro i don’t know if you have pc or laptop. But if you have a laptop just plug in the charger and you will get 40-50fps!

P.S Thank me later