Black outlines in Gen 6 (ORAS)

I was playing ORAS yesterday and realised that the black outlines are gone. It looked really great but when i updated the Citra canary build to the latest version today the black outlines were back. I don’t know what caused it nor remember the version number in which the black outlines were gone but that build was the one with the multiplayer feature removed, so if anyone can figure out what caused the black lines to be gone that would be great.

The outlines being missing is a bug. We won’t keep the games without outlines, because that’s not how the 3DS does it. The outlines were missing, because there was a hack in the PR that also causes the massive improvements on performance.

The proper way of doing this in the future is properly upscale the outlines.


Not necessarily a hack, a missing feature that’s @jroweboy decided should go in a different PR

Yes, I apologize that I didn’t make it clear that it was a bug. There is a follow PR that does d24s8 to rgba8 conversion with a PBO, which is an actual fix for pokemon outlines. I was debating on including that change with this PR, but I felt like it should be in a separate pull request entirely so I didn’t add it. That code will be run before the skip dirty regions check, so they are compatible and with it outlines will be drawn.

But the game looks much better without the outlines and isn’t that the whole point of the emulator ? Making the experience better than the 3DS. It would be great if the outline removal can be a feature itself.

You know how many so called “features” we would have for many specific games? Right. Citra developers don’t add hacks to the emulator, because we want for the emulator to play every single game right out of the box, without setting any specific settings.

For your interest, you can do the outline removal by modifying your ROM hex values in S/M/US/UM, but not in X/Y/OR/AS.

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The point of Citra is to as closely emulate a 3DS. Not being accurate and faithful to the original system doesn’t accomplish these goals.


You can actually use Obs studio to remove the outlines