Black screen at The hall of fame

After beating Kukui in pokemon Moon, the screen went black. I found on the internet that I only allowed bring 3 pokemons because of the bug. Before that, I saved my game when I was in the Elite 4 room so I can’t go out to put some pokemons in the box. What should I do now?

System Information

  • Operating System: Window 7:
  • Citra Version (found in title bar): Citra Bleeding Edge
  • Game: Pokemon Moon

One workaround would be to transfer your save to your 3DS and finish there then transfer the save back to your PC.

Yes. The only way to continue is either to:

a. Faint, or
b. As @tywald said, finish on a 3DS.

How to transfer from Citra to 3ds anyway… And it’s possible to beat the game with only 3 pokemons??? :0

well there is an easier solution, use a program called pkhex to edit your save file. edit your team with 3 pokemon and they MUST be nicknamed and the issues should be fixed.

as to beating the game then yes just choose some op legendary pokemon

Where can I find my Savefile ? :0

from the game list right click on the game and you will get an option to get the save location. also back up your save file before doing anything

I dont have any game list in my Citra. I open it in file. :0

file > select game directory then point it to the folder where the game is

Well… I did it. I took the pokemon out of my party. But still impossible for me to play because of low level :0

If that’s the case, you’ll have to play it with your full team on a real 3DS. In JK’s Save Manager (If you don’t have that installed, there’s a guide here.), Go to Pokemon Moon, export a save, and name it anything. Now, there should be a JKSM folder on the root of your SD card, and in there a Pokemon Moon folder (This is why I said to export a random save, to create this folder.). Copy your save from Citra into the Pokemon Moon folder, and, from JKSM, import that.

You should change the level of the pokemon too. PokeHex can cheat the pokemon level for you (I’m not good at English) :)))

I can confirm that you can bypass this issue using 5 nicknamed pokemons.
As others mentioned, put one of your six pokemon at the box using PkHax.
Oh, and nickname them using PkHax as well.

No, You must use 3 nicknamed pokemons. When I have 3 pokemons with me, I keep losing to the Elite 4.

Just Cheat Your Pokemon Level in The Pokehex. :))

I insist. 5 nicknamed worked just fine for me.
I use the latest Citra edge build

3 is the suggested work around. However, like yourself, 5 nicknamed pokemon have been reported to work.

im having same problem and i dont have 3DS :frowning:

Any other ways?

Please don’t bump old topics. You have to use 3 Pokemon to pass the Hall of Fame.