Black Screen in all games

After the update of my citra to the version “Citra Nightly 962”, all my games and config disappeared, and now, if I try to play a game, it does not even open and apear a black screen! Can you try to help me? Before the update, everything was ok, but now…
Thank you for your attention and understanding my problem.

Console Log:citra_log.txt (3.5 KB)

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Does manually trying an older release work?

I will try, just hoping that my save didn’t disappeared.

Didn’t worked, even in the version that was working. What can I do?

It’s hard to say, it looks like your log file is missing info. Can you make sure you’re getting the log file correctly?

In regards to your save data missing, it’s possible that your installation of Citra is now running in portable mode. To find out, you would have to go to your Citra installation (the directory with citra-qt.exe) and see if there is a user folder. I forget where this would be on Windows though.

I find two pastes of Citra, one in Roaming, that is the config, log, nand, sdmc and sysdata. The other one with citra-qt.exe is in the paste Local, but there’s not “user” folder in this paste.
I got the citra’s log again, try looking at it. citra_log.txt (4.6 KB)
Please help me fixing this problem, so sad can’t play it : (

If there’s no user folder in the same folder as citra-exe, then that would mean that Citra isn’t running in portable mode, so it should be using the folder in Roaming as the user directory.

In that screenshot, there is a white background configured, which, to my knowledge, is a non-default configuration option. So, over updating, that was kept, but your other configuration options weren’t. Based off of this, I would try starting with a new, clean configuration by moving (to anywhere) or renaming qt-config.txt in the config folder that you found, and having Citra create a new, clean one.

Ok, I’ll try this out. Tnks for helping me. :slight_smile:

Ah, I forgot to say, the white background is there because before I sent this issue, I tryed reconfigure the config of Citra, but it didn’t worked, but when I first open the Citra after the update, the “Default” background, wich is black, was there. I think I’ll need reinstall citra deleting my files.

OMG, I am so luck, I did a backup of my user folder if something get buged (because I was trying to fix Region Manifest), then, some days passed and, this issue happend. So, if what I did worked, I think my problem was in my user folder. If you think is it, can you say to me how to avoid future problems?

This is a one-off problem that hasn’t occurred to anyone else to my knowledge, so it’s hard to say.

There’s no problem, I already solved my problem, thanks for helping me. If you wanna know how, i just used my backup of the user folder, than it worked. You can already put a “subject closed” for this article.