Black screen when i load game

Anyone can help me? I play ultimate nes remix (decrypted rom), when i load this game, the game won’t run. And just leave black screen. Same with new super mario bros 2 (decrypted rom), the game won’t run. And just leave black screen too. Hope you can help me to fix this. Thank you

Firstly, you didn’t follow the support template we provide, which would include information about your computer as well as the log file allowing us to see what your problem is.

However, it seems that you haven’t dumped your system archives. See if that resolves your issue.

Guide to Dump System Archives/Shared Font

Also, it appears that you’re using an outdated Nightly build. I’d recommend updating to the most recent.

Same issue, but with latest bleeding edge build (1.402). Also, at first it warns a “fatal error”.

Log File Link:

Specs: CPU => Intel Core i7
GPU => AMD Radeon R7 350
OS => Win8.1
RAM => 8 GB

Please make a new thread with the full template and the log.