Black screen with music playing - missing drivers?

Hello Citra, I’m using a Samsung RV400 running a 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. Intel core i3, 2GB RAM, Nirvana Geforce graphics.

I having a black screen with music and sound when booting the following EUR games (Nightly 113):
Super Mario 3D Land
New super Mario Bros.
Super Smash Bros 3DS
…and broken textures for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

The touch screen is responsive.

However, if I turn off the Hardware Render, the graphics are now visible and the black screen problem disappeared. But it slows down the emulation a lot.

Is there any missing video drivers I did not install? (Like DirectDraw or OpenGL 4)
I have virtual C++ 2012 installed

Are you saying only the top screen is showing? Please post screenshot of it and the full log.

What exactly is your GPU model? Does is it support OpenGL 3.3? Make sure you’re not using the integrated GPU. Have you updated to latest drivers for the Nirvana Nvidia GPU. Make sure you’re not running MSI Afterburner while running Citra.

This sounds GPU related. If your GPU is too old, i.e. doesn’t support OpenGL 3.3, then you need to upgrade, else update the GPU drivers to the latest version (from the manufacturer’s website).


“Are you saying only the top screen is showing?”

No, both screen are black. It is just that the touch screen is responsive.
I will test the OpenGL version later.

atleast input your full pc specs, the log and some screenshots

Updated Nvidia drivers and it works, my driver is 315m