Bleeding Edge status

Why aren’t the bleeding edge versions getting updates?

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Please don’t interrupt other topics with entirely different questions.

Explanation why BE isn't getting updates anymore

Anyway, Bleeding Edge won’t get anymore updates, because there’s a entirely new project called “Citra Canary” and the devs are still working on everything to get the builds up. Canary is basically “Bleeding Edge 2.0”, but you will probably hear more about it later, when it will be announced.


And they wont have support and they will be untested and experimental?

Bleeding Edge & Canary have always been relatively untested - it is the nature of a automated build pulling the latest changes. If you want (relative) stability, use Nightly - pretty simple. Further, if you want support, you are going to want to use Nightly.

Will BE get updates after Canary versions are released and when will they be released?

No. The plan is to move everyone off bleeding edge to canary with a final update, at a unspecified time.

How much longer till the canary builds?

How long is a piece of string? :stuck_out_tongue: When it is ready.


Sorry to bother you, I’m new to the Citra forums. Was Bleeding Edge a different unofficial build that was on the Citra website (or not) I’m just curious about the name change or project change is all (bleeding edge sounded cool) was it too edgy?

I got Citra running not too long ago after watching a Simply Austin video on youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:

Bleeding Edge is discontinued and you should use Canary instead, since it’s basically BE 2.0.
Also, Bleeding Edge was official.