Blog: Update reports?

Why is there no more update reports? Will they ever be back?

We’re making plenty of progress, just no one willing to step up and write articles! We’ve got a few people in mind so hopefully you’ll start to see activity on the main website soon!


Really!! Great they really are helpful

Monthly progress reports would be very cool if you guys managed to do it. Not a first priority tho

Note that theoretically everyone could write an article and get it published.
Learn how to git, learn how to markdown. Here is the repository: (Note: GITHUB IS NOT A FORUM = GitHub is for developers, not users. Only use it if you understand what git is and how to use it.)

The official blog authors don’t do any rocket science. They just write and eventually publish their articles on github.
They don’t have access to more information than anybody else either - they just keep actively chatting to developers to know about the latest development. (Eventually they get early-information by devs, but anybody who is willing to work on a blog article could get such information)

For some time we shared blog authors with Dolphin. However, the dolphin blog is more established / important so they ended up not having any time for Citra. Also Citra is having so many changes per month, that by the time an article is released, the blog article is already outdated again.

We now have 2 people ( @anodium and @SaphireSurf ) interested in writing for the blog. So hopefully we’ll see more articles soon.
I also have had an article queued up for weeks now, but video-editing (article has 2 videos in it) takes a long time. In fact, it takes so much time that I didn’t even get around submitting the patch which I explain those videos… If I had this video would already be horribly outdated too.