Bravely Default HD Texture Pack


Current version: v0.2

  • ENG: I have added all the areas that you should normally do during the campaign during the prologue and chapter 1. Also battle icons, enemies, scenarios, menus (like the one in D’s Journal and Norende’s, although the latter is not 100% finished %).

  • ESP: He añadido todas las áreas que normalmente deberías hacer durante la campaña durante el prólogo y el capítulo 1. También iconos de batalla, enemigos, escenarios, menus (como el del Diario de D y el de Norende, aunque este último no está terminado al 100%).

Download link of the v0.2 here


  • ENG: This version is a “patch” of version 0.1. Add some of the missing English textures from both the menus and the first area of the game. It includes some new icons (for example, all the drawings of the Jobs of each character) In addition, it adds two battle scenarios, and the battle menu. The battles section is not 100% complete, but at least it looks better now.
    The font is up to date, with some new characters that weren’t added before.

  • ESP: Esta versión es un “parche” de la versión 0.1. Añade algunas de las texturas en inglés que faltaban tanto en los menus como en la primera área del juego. Incluye algunos iconos nuevos (por ejemplo, todos los dibujos de los Jobs de cada personaje) Además, añade dos escenarios de batalla, y el menu de batalla. El apartado de las batallas no está completo al 100%, pero ya por lo menos se ve mejor.
    La fuente está actualizada, con algunos caracteres nuevos que no estaban antes añadidos.

Download link of the v0.11 here


  • ENG: This version brings a good amount of the game’s icons. There are some icons that depend on the language (like the icons that come out to leave or enter a town), these icons are available only in Spanish (the icons in English will be added in future versions)
    It also includes most of the completed overworld, the towns of Florem and Caldisla and the Norende Ravine.
    HD font, a good part of the game menus, and other things.

  • ESP: Esta versión trae una buena cantidad de los iconos del juego. Hay algunos iconos que dependen del idioma (como los iconos que salen para salir o entrar a un pueblo), estos iconos están disponibles solo español (los iconos en inglés serán añadidos en futuras versiones)
    También incluye la mayor parte del overworld terminada, las ciudades de Florem y Caldisla y el Barranco de Norende.
    Fuente HD, una buena parte de los menus del juego, y otras cosas más.

Download link of the v0.1 here


Wow. Great work! I already used it and it’s all sharp. There’s some place that still look blurry and it’s still look like the vanilla one.

But most of the texture is really crystal cleat. Thank you for bringing this custom texture!

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thanks for comment! I will fix this soon!

Hello! I just tested and for some reason that texture is not visible when the language of the game is English. I’ll be fixing it soon!

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Thank you. You’re doing an amazing job on this. Can i share this pack ? Gonna credit your youtube channel.

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Sure! Thank you very much!

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Yo, you keep this up, this game desserves the love and you’re the hero of this story! So make like a fancy strike with characther-specific music and buff those stats!!!

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As an extra, I think the best thing to focus on next, even though it will be tedious, would be all the little icons in the game. Specifically I would go like this:

1.- Job Icons (Freelance, Black Mage, etc)
First because they will be seen a lot thoughrout the game, a worthwhile investment of time for sure!

2.- Equipment Icons (Sword, Dagger, etc.)
Same as last time, but obviously a larger work load, so it would be best to leave for seconds. Probably a good idea to also update the “empty slots” for whenever you have your hands empty. as for the other empty slot icons, they can probably wait a bit if its too much of a bother.

3.- Item Icons
Obviously another hard task but I think it would be grand to have this too! I’ve made my points for this one in the other two sections :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope my advice finds you well and I wish you luck if you keep working on this! Thank you for all the work you’ve already done!

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Thank you very much for the advice and support! You’re right, I also think it’s a good idea to focus on that below. Thank you again!

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Great pack, newest update to Citra that came out today breaks it sadly though :frowning:

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It’s still work. But somehow it’s doesn’t work at some place because the author originally made it for spanish and it broken on english version. Let’s wait for the hotfix~

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It worked perfectly for me before the update, now everything is instantly messed up. Like all the textures just bleed into eachother. No biggy though, great pack and I hope a hotfix comes along shortly! :slight_smile:


Hello! If you have a visual error, I think that for now the only thing you can do to solve it is to save and load state. On some occasion, when I have had visual errors, I do that and it is solved. In any case, I have already started working on the next version, hopefully these errors will be fixed.


Take ur time, bro!
You’re doing a great job!


I also downloaded this pack, looks awesome so far!
(Since I use the english version of the game, I did not copy over the files that had spanish text)

However, whenever I exit the first “inn”/building, the left half of the city becomes completely corrupted texture… and like someone suggested above, save/load state does fix it… it is still very weird :wink:
I will most likely be playing this game for the next few weeks, so hopefully the next version will be out before i’m done :slight_smile:

Again, thanks for the great work and have a nice day! :slight_smile:

I did some testing with only TWO textures loaded
tex1_256x256_471AD059264ECF41_9 (font texture)
and tex1_512x512_C49DB2F9468A2383_13 (start screen logo with HD)
then loaded my save, and the text/font were black squares and glitching…

So my guess is that the issue might be with the latest Citra Canary or some hidden setting I have yet to find… I have played many games with full texture replacement packs with no issues so I’m really not sure what could be causing the problem this time… :wink:

Edit2 : like suggested above, it seems that was indeed a problem with Citra itself… I grabbed the Nightly from 16 days ago - around feb 4th, and it seems to work perfectly again!

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For some unknown reason, the game has at least two textures for the left half of Caldisla: one that is used when the language of the game is English, and another that is used when the language is Spanish (which is my case). In short, it varies depending on the language (although reviewing them like this at first glance I did not see any difference between the two). I knew this because someone commented on it here, which is why in this version, if your game is in English, that texture will not exist and, for some reason, the game sometimes instead of putting the texture normal, puts a “corrupted” texture. In fact, after they let me know this error, I created a new game with the Citra language in English and the same error happened to me. I am currently working on a new version that will fix this bug and add more missing textures in English. For now, the only thing that can be done to half cover this problem is to save and load state. Don’t ask me why, but it works :joy:

Although it will probably take time to get updates to the pack as often as I would like. Let me explain: I started the pack when I was playing Bravely Default for the second time. I have a 40 hour game in which I have access to all areas of the game. But the language of that game is Spanish. Even if I change the language of the emulator, the game will be in Spanish, which is why I can’t see the textures in English. The game will always have the language that the system had when the game was created. I already started a new game with the English language, but that, I just started it so it will probably take a while to get more updates. I apologize for that, I did not have it in mind when I started working on these textures (mainly because I had not planned to publish them, I was going to keep them to myself at first xD)

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This is very interesting indeed :slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation!

However, As I wrote in my 2 Edits (from my previous post), Using the Nightly Build of Citra from February 4th (19 days ago), it works 100%… no glitch, everything perfect!

I had also tried a test, putting only 2 files (the titlescreen with “HD” on it, along with the Font texture), and as soon as I loaded my game, (and on every screen change), the font would get corrupted and become full opaque black squares…

As soon as I changed the Citra version from latest Canary to older Nightly, NOT A SINGLE problem after 10+hours of playtime… I put your FULL package, and every texture worked (and the game remained in english no problem)

I even made 15 custom textures myself to change all the button prompt to PSX buttons prompt ( X, [], O, /\ ) :wink: If anyone is interested I can upload them and share them :smile:

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Yeah, i think the missing texture only appears on android version of citra (MMJ Version) but its still playable tho with some of the texture is still using the original one instead of your HD.

Great job bro, you’re the only one that makes this thing happen and showing the progression. No one i believe even release their own texture mod. Thank you so much for your efforts!

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Version 0.11 is now available! It’s not a very big update, but I wanted to release an update with everything I’ve had to date. I’ll keep working and doing my best to make this texture pack look the best it can be!


Okay so the texture is already loaded perfectly right now. The performance impact is kinda a lot but i can still maintain stable 60fps 4x res on my phone. The texture is so crisp! Great fricking job dude!!! I love it!