Bravely Default HD Texture Pack

Really appreciate your hardwork on this project. Thank you so much ~

Anw sorry for asking this. Do you planning to do the second one after finished this ?

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Well that’s a very good question. At the moment, it is not in my plans, but I do not rule out the possibility of working on HD textures of the sequel after finishing this game.

In summary, for the moment the answer is maybe no, but I do not rule out that in the future I will change my mind and decide to do so.


How do I use the HD Texture Pack. Where do I put it?

1.- Open Citra
2.- In case you have not done so, add Bravely Default to the list of games
3.- Right click on Bravely Default
4.- Select [Open folder of custom textures]
5.- Move the [TexturePackBDHD] folder to the custom textures folder
6.- In Citra, go to Emulation> Configuration> Graphics and activate the option [Use custom textures]
7.- Right there, go to the [Internal Resolution] option. I recommend setting it to 4x.

In case Anyone downloading here wants some Playstation Icons on top of those awesome HD Textures, I made a PSX Icon pack like I wrote last week :slight_smile:


It looks pretty good! Thanks for the contribution!

Some of the texture is still missing or you hasn’t add it yet.

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its a work in progres, its more a small revamp of the ui at the moment. Remaking all the textures of the game as a one man job would take years. So if you want to see it done sooner rather than later, offer some help or send the guy some $ on paypal :3

Oh well… Let me explain it well: at first, I didn’t have in mind that this was a “real project”, it was just something that I started doing because I was too bored. So, I didn’t even bother to make progress in an orderly manner. In short, I haven’t added that city yet XD

So quick question, any idea why this would constantly crash my game? Also it still doesnt work with the newest versions.

I honestly have no idea, I try it and it does not fail, I have done the test playing for a long time (with this and other games with custom textures) and it works for me, so I guess it will depend on your device.
And well, honestly I have not downloaded Citra updates in a long time, but as far as I know the biggest problem there is is that some textures do not load or load them badly. In that case, the only thing that can be done to partially fix this is save and load state. But what I said, these are Citra errors, the only way to fix it is for some emulator update to fix it.

Thanks, appreciate the work. When I use older versions of Citra it works fine, but i just keep getting FPS drops everytime a new scene loads until it eventually crashes. I would use the newer versions where this doesnt seem to happen but my Save/Load state seems to be bugged and doesnt work.

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Well, in that case, when it comes to Citra bugs, you should post this in the Citra Support section, for a more experienced moderator to help you.

Well, I already started working on the next update. From now on, I am going to work on this in a different way. I’m going to play the game from start to finish (with cheats and the easy mode to go faster) so I can handle this in a much more orderly way. The next update is likely to be out no later than two weeks, and will include the entire game until the end of the Harena zone. That is, the prologue and chapter 1, with all the dungeons and cities, characters and other things. I also want to totally finish the menu topic. Honestly, I’m a bit (TOO) crazy about the menu thing, because I always leave some texture for some reason, besides that from the beginning I worked very disorganized (totally my mistake, because it was just my first time doing this and not I had no experience at all. Let’s keep in mind that I started working on this in September 2020 XD).

I’d like to start taking this much more seriously from now on. If everything goes the way I’d like it to be, this will be fully ready around July or maybe even a little earlier. Although of course, I do not assure anything. Anything can always come up that could delay this.

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Good luck, bud! You can do it! :3

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Well … This is going to be extremely “funny” … XD

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From now on, another thing I want to do is share the progress around here. Starting with this post. I stopped doing history and started with the menu from D’s Journal. It was hard work, and after several hours of failed tests and tinkering, this menu is ready. After this, I want to finish the part of the rebuilding of Norende. After finishing this, I want to continue with the main story (before getting to the menus, I stayed for the part just finishing Lontano).

Oh, another thing: did I say that the journal part was complete? I lied. I do not have it complete. I don’t have the full D’s Journal. I have it ALMOST complete (in my normal 30 hour game). I can’t have that part 100% complete. I apologize for that.

By the way, now I am paying more attention to the fact that the textures go well in both Spanish and English. In theory there should be no more errors of this type.


You don’t need to do some part that people rarely see it actually. It’s kinda optional but hey, another progression is a good news!

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Well, you are right. But I really do this (and other menus that you rarely see in the game) because my goal is to do 100% of the textures. And since these parts are tedious to do, I want to finish them so I don’t have to worry about them later.

By the way, this week I was a bit busy and could hardly make any progress. Still, what I said a couple of days ago remains: the next update I will release no later than Monday 22nd.

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Honestly, I think the menus and the UI elements are the most important still, so in my books youre doing the right thing. Even if it isnt the most obvious or flashy upgrade, its definetly the one thats gonna be used most one way or another.

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