Bravely Default

Issue: Bravely Default not starting
Every time I open Bravely Default I get this fatal error:

I’ve played it before on this same laptop with an older version of Citra. I ran into this same problem, but I can’t remember how I resolved it.

Diagnostic Log
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This is the proper pastebin:

Failed to get a handle for shared data archive: Mii Data.

Dump System Archives:

Hmmm…I don’t have a 3DS is their another way to install Homebrew on my laptop or get the nand file.

Actually, it’s okay I found a link to a zip file for the user file with the nand. If allowed I can post it here if anybody need it in the future.

Piracy isn’t allowed here.

You need dump system archives from your 3DS.

I understand thanks for the help and info. I got the game working.