Bravely Second - Original HD Font + some icons 0.8

Hi. I have decided to make HD font and some icons for Bravely Second close to original one.

Download v0.8:

How to install:

  1. Launch Citra
  2. In the Citra menu Right-click on Bravely Second name
  3. Click “Open Custom Texture Location” and extract my Archive there
  4. In Citra go to Emulation → Configure → Graphics → Enhancements tab → Check “Use Custom Textures” → Press OK

Not sure why, but if I use any of Citra’s Texture Filtering (Anime4K, Bicubic , etc) I got a messy text and textures. So if you have the same issue, you should try to turn off Texture filtering and restart Citra



  • Initial release
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i just wanna say thank you so goddamm much for this !!
was seaching for this all over the place ! My eyes started to hurt because of blurry that text in the game looked and got a headache from it but finally everything looks so goddamm better now and love it !!
saved my day !