Bravely second quest issues

I wonder if someone got a way to complete some of the tutorial quests there, specifically:

  1. Add a profile comment - this opens up a small ‘pop up’ window where you can type something, but no matter what you write or if you even simply cancel this window - the whole emulator will freeze afterwards.

  2. Net friend invites - requires you to use an ‘internet’ function which I assume citra does not support… but thing is - it goes into ‘infinite connecting’ meaning you have to restart the game… as long as it gave you error instead and let you continue it would be good enough…

I don’t specifically require those functions actually functioning, since I know that would be huge effort, instead I wonder if there is some bypass to make me get ‘error’ instead and continue with the game. Usually simply clicking the button is enough for quest to count completed, problem is that in those 2 cases - this button also essentially freezes the whole emulator.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Short answer is: no.

I reported this same problem (it’s related to the on-board/emulator keyboard) some time ago in another thread, about Bravely Default ( Software Keyboard not showing up ) which suffer from the same issue, but no one replied with any fix/solution or any answer at all… since this is not a game-breaking bug, it probably falls very very low on the “to-do list”, which I can understand why to be honest.

I get it’s frustrating if you’re a completionist but there’s currently no workaround, so I suggest to simply move on with the game.

About the Network error, I got it in multiple games aside from these two (like the Fire Emblem series, for example), as far as I know there’s no solution either, just avoid to click on options that require your console to connect to the official servers.

I see, figures… Surprised how meh games like this get such high ratings with all this online bullshit, eh…

I mean - it’s impossible to find anyone around you playing it in 90% of the world to begin with even during release… needless to say after a year or so this game loses value in 99% of the world. I find it hard to believe someone rated this more than 5-6/10.