Bravely second - Rebuilding the moon

is there a way you can get workers for the moon in the canary version? or do we need to wait for more updates to the online?

What does it require? Nintendo Network? StreetPass? Both of these are unimplemented right now.

Thanks!, i think it needs both so i guess ill have to wait.

There are ways to get workers for the moon. Google It. :slight_smile:

After an hour of searching I have found no way to get more workers for the moon on Citra. Would you please enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face:

search for bravely second save editing in google, u can get around 999+ villagers if u edit the savefile of the colony

on this topic is there a way to edit in the many extra boss s?
and this is a bit off topic, but in default, i used save editor to get more workers, is there a way to add the nemesis too?
or add the buns and get the Ja class magic.

Hey guys. I edited the source code of the original Bravely Default save editor to be able to load Bravely Second saves. Basicaly, what I change is a condition where it verifies if the loaded files is COLONY#.SAV for BD2COLONY#.SAV, so when you load the files it loads the values into the UI.
Also switched a line of code inside the condition block, so that if you load a file that is not BD2COLONY#.SAV. it’s not gonna save back to the file. Just a simple safety to not override another file with wrong data.

I included the source so you can see I didn’t included malicious code. You’ll will find the executable inside the bin folder.

download here


I ended up using a hex editor,
but this will help a lot of people.
any luck with the bosses that u can get through that?

Poudinge nice job i like ur c# job not bad at All :wink:

The link is dead can you post it new please? Hope you reply to this.