Bug en pokemon rubi omega

today I spent the Pokemon league for the first time and the game starts to pass the credits, which progress normally until it comes out that I guess will be the last picture of the credits, which comes Blasco fighting your character, come out Special Thanks and the credits and music are over, however, the image freezes and stays there, the music continues little more but it ends up finishing, and the credits the same, do you know what can happen or what should I do?

English please and use a online translator (Google)
Inglés por favor y utilizar un traductor en línea (Google)

hey dude.how long you wait after end of the credits and did you try again…

I try several times like 3-4 , restart the game , close the aplication and nothing follows the screen at the end of the credits whe you pass de pkmn league and the music keeps running i dont know what to do is there any solution for this bug ?? Help please pals