Bugs in Ultra Sun-Moon

I am getting a black screen on entrance to Alola photo club. Not sure if it is known but the bypasses do not work on mac. Could you guys please work on fixing it. (love what you do for the community.)

The fix is already live, but it requires for one more PR to be merged before this gets to Canary (or Nightly).

About how long will this take

the pr which you said needs to be merged has already been merged. so how long till the fix itself is merged

The developers are reluctant on tagging the PR for Canary, because it has some code problems that make the PR unmergeable.

Hi, I’m new and having this issue, is there a cheat sheet or initial post for helping me understand what things like PR mean?

PR = Pull Request. It’s basically a developer asking “merge my new changes to Citra that I have developed”.

Also, this issue hasn’t gone anywhere, since we haven’t resolved the conflict yet. I can’t say the fix date, but it’s going to be fixed as soon as possible.