Building for Linux

Why do we need to build the application ourselves for Linux…

Can’t we just simply download a pre-made version of Citra just like we get in Windows…

EDIT : Please kindly it … I know it is a silly question… But it had been a doubt in my mind for a long time!!

You don’t, you can do that if you want. for linux its recommended to install it via flatpak, you can also find citra binaries, canary here and nightly here.

You mean I need not do any app building if I install citra from the links you provided…

And I see two files for download for Linux in every release on the github link you provided

Can you explain the difference between the two!!!

Just two different compression file formats, most linux distros come packed with apps that can open both.

But please tell me that if I directly install Citra from the links you gave, I need not do any app building???

Please answer!!!

no, you just need to execute it (citra-qt). or simply install via flatpak.