Can 3ds games be connected with a ds game?

I lost my ds but had backed up my sav files
I play ds games on emulator
can it be connected to 3ds games in citra like real ds and 3ds?

I’m not sure what you’re asking, but Citra doesn’t play DS games.

yeah but can it be connected with someother ds or ds emulator to transfer data?

Citra is 3ds emulator not nintendo ds emu like DeSmuME. So can’t be connected to 3ds games

I’m talking about apps which takes data from ds games to 3ds games

If you manually import data from the TWL partition of your 3DS into Citra, I do wonder if homebrew apps like TWLSaveTool would work? Either way, it wouldn’t be a process really available for casual users.

Ive lost my 3ds