Can Citra run region-locked games?

I’m interested in playing some Japanese 3DS games but I don’t see any in the compatible games list nor do I see any information on the 3DS region lock. Would they run on Citra? I am happy to buy the games as well but I don’t see the point if there is no guarantee that I can play them. Has anyone tried? I’m specifically interested in playing Taiko no Tatsujin 3DS and Dai Gyakuten Saiban if there’s any information related to those games.

(The region lock on the 3DS is incredibly frustrating, forcing people to buy a separate console just to play games in a different language :frowning:)

Yes, Citra can run Japanese region-locked games.

You can install Boot9Strap and Luma3DS (you’ll need it anyways to dump games to use with Citra) to play games from other regions.