Can I downgrade Citra on Steam Deck?

I have Citra installed on my Steam Deck, which has a Linux-based OS. Lately it upgraded to nightly 1788. I was wondering if I could downgrade it. The reason I ask has nothing to do with emulation, as Citra works fine.

It has to do, oddly enough, with Citra’s file manager capabilities. A number of apps, including my file manager, Dolphin, seem to be sandboxed so that I cannot view certain folders and files even with the “view hidden files” option enabled. I was able to find a workaround through Citra. When I start Citra and then select File/Load File, I was able to access those folders that Dolphin wouldn’t show me. Then I could right-click a folder, select “open containing folder”, and then Dolphin would show me the folder I was looking for that it wouldn’t show me before.

Now, with the new nightly, Citra is now as sandboxed as the otehr apps and file managers I have, so I lost my workaround! I have asked for help in various placed to find another solution and have gotten nowhere.

So, I want to see if downgrading Citra would restore my workaround. Can it be done?

Citra has not changed anything about its file system in a long time. The File>Load File menu hasn’t been touched in literal years. So this appears to be a bug in your set-up, rather than a feature of Citra. Since the other emulators also suffer from the same issue, it’s likely that upon updating, your operating system enforced the same “bug” unto Citra that it previously hadn’t. Downgrading at this point would most likely not work, since it would apply the “bug” unto the downgrade version in the same way.

Downgrading itself should be possible so long as you build Citra yourself. Older Nightly and Canary builds can be found on our github repo.