Can I dump Mii Maker Files with just the SD Card?

Hi there. So A while back my 2DS XL had broken and I decided that instead of risking fatally damaging the console, (too late now) I would dump my copy of Tomodachi Life and other games to play on the Citra Emulator. However, as many people soon find out, the mii’s I had made in the game all had crosses on their heads indicated that the proper files weren’t there. I found out that I needed to dump my mii maker files, but I didn’t know how to do that and I decided to be lazy and instead of looking at a tutorial on how to do that, I continued playing with the broken console, and now here we are. Is there a way I can just dump the needed files with just the SD Card and the data on it or are all the Mii Maker files internal and are not on the SD Card? if the answer to the second question is yes, then are there download files or something I can use to dump them to the Emulator?

The needed files are on the internal NAND of your console, not on the SD card. So if you can’t use your 2DS anymore and you didn’t make a NAND backup before it broke you can’t get them.