Can i play pokemon sun/moon with at least 30fps and how

hello guys,

I installed citra and tried to play some pokemon sun/ moon with it
it booted up nicely like it should be the game runs super slow and when i disable limited fps
it runs super fast , way to fast. I tried changing some settings but it didn’t work
I have an Intel core I5 6600k and a gtx 1060 6gb.
is my pc simply to weak or is there something i can do to fix it?

your cpu should be good enough to run the game.

i run the game just fine with an i5 7600 , NOT a constant 100% speed everywhere, that is not achievable even with more powerful cpus, the game drops down to about 65% speed when there is a lot of objects to draw on screen for me.

you should patch the game to remove outlines, that will give you a significant performance boost.

switch log to critical, i saw about a 5% speed gain that way(result vary between games).

that is about it pretty much, i noticed that if you tweak your cpu to have a very powerful single core then citra would benefit greatly from that (note do NOT attempt to overclock or play with your cpu unless you know what you are doing, i am pretty sure you don’t want a dead chip)

oh and you should keep frame limit on, only disable V-sync that is known to drop your fps a bit

thank you, I hope it will work.
btw I do know how to overclock since i Do an IT course but first I need to save some money to buy a “Z” series motherboard to enable overclocking my cpu.

getting off topic here, but you need a Z motherboard since these allow overclocking , as to how to then you will find a much better guide on the internet.