Can I run DSiWare games on Citra?

Is DsiWare compatible with Citra? Are you able to play any DSiWare games at all, or is Citra unable to run them right now?

Dsiware are just NDS titles essentially. Citra can’t run NDS titles, so it also can’t run Dsiware.

Well, that sucks. Do you know if they’re going to make Citra compatible with either any time soon?

That’s unlikely. The 3DS has separate hardware to run NDS titles in it. Supporting NDS titles would therefore require us to write a whole new emulator for NDS and Dsiware titles. There are already perfectly good alternatives out there.

Well, thanks for the info. What emulators do allow you to play DSiWare games, though, and don’t require administrator access?

MelonDS comes to mind. Though I’m not sure about the Administrator access part.

I tried to use MelonDS to run the DSiWare games, but it came up with a white screen even though I had the files it said I needed to run DSi Mode on it. The administrator access part come from the fact that most of the emulators I tried to install required admin rights.

Actually, forget what I asked earlier. Is it possible to convert the dsi game into a game that would be compatible with Citra, like maybe by changing the shaders in the game to those utilized by the 3DS?

That’s not how that works. The answer is no.

There were already alternatives to playing Game Gear, Nintendo Game Boy / Game Boy Color, NES, and SNES titles, also. But you guys still made the virtual consoles for those games usable on this emulator.

You have no clue of what you’re talking about. We didn’t have to do anything to support those virtual console titles, because the titles themselves have a built-in translator (emulation layer) to run on the 3DS. This means that if Citra accurately runs 3DS titles, it’ll accurately run VC titles that are meant to run on the 3DS.

Sorry. My bad. I assumed that you did have to.

Whenever I tried to open the GBA virtual consoles, the emulator would freeze up and then just shut down almost immediately. So, because of what had just happened to me, I assumed you guys did have to make the other virtual consoles work on Citra.