Can I transfer my Citra save to 3DS without a home-brew save editor?


if I play Pokemon Ultra Sun on Citra, can I transfer my save file to my 3DS without using any home-brew or JKSM type program?

Are there any programs that can convert the Citra save file to the 3DS version, right on my computer?

I haven’t been able to figure out how to get any home-brew or JKSM type program on my 3ds, which is 11.6

No, 3DS save files are encrypted and cannot be converted without device-specific encryption keys, so Homebrew is the only option

How did you get the game if you don’t have Homebrew already?

I downloaded Citra and Ultra Sun last night on my computer and this morning I bought Ultra Sun digitally on my 3DS. I was hoping I could somehow transfer my save files from one to the other.

Well there is JKSM which allows you to transfer your saves.

“without using any home-brew or JKSM type program?

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Anyway, we won’t provide support, because even if you bought the game, downloading it is still illegal.
Homebrew access on 11.6 is really easy and requires a DS flashcart, which you can get for ~10$.

downloading the game from nintendo shop is illegal? I didn’t know going on nintendo’s e-shop and purchasing ultra sun for 39.99 is illegal…

Not really sure where your tone is at with this comment but I wasn’t necessarily asking for any “support”, so my apologies if you thought I was slighting your righteous sanctity on these forums. I was just asking if it’s possible tech-wise.

Anyway, I thought home-brews are illegal in all fairness, so if anything, I was making an effort to avoid illegal activity. You certainly tend to a lot of questions regarding home-brews so I question your consistency.

isn’t this providing support?

Buying and dumping your own games with homebrew apps is legal. Full stop.

Downloading them when you already bought them because you don’t have the ability to dump them isn’t legal. Full stop.

@joyfi2 Downloading games from somewhere else is illegal, but not from the eshop since you pay for it.