Can i use yuzu with linux and this config?

hey every bady
i am using debian 10
cpu intel I5 4 gen 3.20 quadre cores
ram 8 go ddr3
and i will recive a gt 610 2GO
i have a limited bugy
but if it will have much difference and support more games, i can have a gt 710 or 730 (have a same driver)
thank you for your help, and sorry for my english

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Best way to know is to find out. Ensure you are on latest driver. Worst case it doesnt perform as expected and you can stick to your nintento switch until you eventually upgrade.

thank you
but i want know, to choose wich geforce buy, if the 610 is same to 710 whan i use yuzu, i will buy gt 610, but if 710 increase performance and supporte more games, i can paie more for buy it
thank you for your help
NB:i am actually with a intel hd 4600

Here is a general idea on requirements Quickstart Guide - yuzu

Try to go at least for a GT 1030, lower than that will be slow for yuzu. Specially considering Nvidia dropped support for 700 series and older on the latest drivers.

thank you
it means there is no différence to have gt610 or 710
thank you for your help

It means both are underspec AFAIU.

Yeah both are underspec’d enough to bottleneck performance, and both are out of support by Nvidia now.
Right now you can use their legacy driver, but in the future it will be a pain to keep finding the correct outdated kernels to keep using it.
I seriously recommend either a GT 1030 or some GCN AMD GPU, like an RX 550.