Can it run citra?

I wanna help plz

I wanna know if my amd radeon hd 7800 series and my phenom II x4 955 can run citra. Thanks

You should be able to run easy to emulate titles like Ocarina of Time 3d, Pokemon ORAS, Miitopia, ect. at 100% speed native resolution. Anything more difficult than that would probably be a problem though.

yeah, I was thinking to play OR or AS because im playing all the pokemon games and I am finishing heart gold but can it run USUM? thanks bro

US/UM are harder to emulate. So whether you’ll be able to run them at 100% speed is a bit of a gamble. Best way to find out is to dump them and see for yourself.

ok but what is the best way to download citra? google play store or Chrome thanks the support slepping

thank bro I will test the versions of citra I expect hours of gameplay hihi