Can someone make Kirby Triple Deluxe health infinite cheat

I can only find just max lives and stars not useful because True Arena is a pain in ass not even Robobot Planet has infinite health cheat

I found these.

[Max Lives after losing]
D3000000 10000000
05A9E69C 00000064

[99 Stars]
D3000000 10000000
2400008C 00000063

[99 Lives]
D3000000 10000000
24000088 00000063

i’m talking about infinite health bar not lives because True Arena 1 death=game over

If health is shown as a bar then you can download and use cheat engine with the “decreased” option every time you lose health until you found the right address, then you can set it to any desired value and freeze it.

If you don’t know how cheat engine works you can try out the tutorial its very easy and everything is visual and interactive.

tried it works but on True Arena it doesn’t for some reason I deal damage myself but it none address effect health bar